Unevolved sophisticate?

I was joking when I used the term with a friend.  We were arguing about the merit of “going green”, arguing, as it happens, about just how green you should go.  It was a subject that I had been debating heavily with myself for several days.  Is it really necessary to give everything up to be kind to the planet?  Are you doing enough if you are recycling?  Biking to work?  Eating organic?  Living in a yurt?  Letting ticks suck your blood?

It occurred to me that there has to be some sort of balance on the ecological spectrum, some way for us to fit into this life with the things we have created for ourselves, without doing all the damage we are doing.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with having an iPod.  But it’s probably preferable to charge it with solar energy.  And maybe some of us do need big trucks.  But is there any reason why we can’t aim for filling their tanks with biodiesel?

We are still unevolved; I mean, come on, we still practice the same methods of trash disposal that our Cro-Magnon ancestors did (dig a hole and bury it.)  And as technology advances, so does waste.  “There has to be a way to live comfortably on this planet without destroying it!” I found myself yelling, during that fateful conversation.  And so, this blog was born.  It is a blog for the unevolved sophisticate, the person who wants to green up their life without sacrificing their conveniences.

The truth of the matter is that most of this stuff is easy; we just don’t do it, because it’s either not what we’ve been taught, or it takes a slight bit more effort than what we’re used to.  Quit being lazy, people!  Earn that iPod; earn that air conditioning.  You can keep your pets and children happy and your life together; all you have to do is understand how things fit together, and apply your knowledge to everyday things.

Sound easy?  It is.  Enjoy.


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